Sales Secrets: 3 Reasons The Phone is Better than Email

Shai Stern is Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services ( In this video he shares 3 reasons the phone is better than email.

  1. Builds excitement’
  2. Share your energy & passion
  3. Allows for a more personal connection

One of the greatest frustrations that a sales person has today is the phone does not ring. People are responding to you via e-mail or via messaging but how do you actually get your phone to ring where your own personality and your passion can come through?

And I think that, that happens by people knowing that you are a problem solver. People knowing that you are there to help them and if you are out there and you’re making phone calls with clear concise voicemails as to who you are and why you are calling, what value proposition you have -- if you are going to networking events and conferences you’re doing work prior to the events, at the events, post the events and again your reputation is being built and people know that you are out there in order to help them in order to add value to them, to solve something that they need or to sell to them something that they need, I think you will clearly have your phone ring.

And even more so, if you are a salesperson use LinkedIn. There’s never a day that should go by where you are not on LinkedIn for at least an hour either looking for additional leads, messaging people as to who you are and the value that you can bring them and as well, asking your contacts, your friends, your relationships for introduction to other people as well.

So without a question, by being a problem solver and a value provider, your phone will ring much more.

I love the phone. I think that today, people are busy deleting e-mails all day and reading e-mails all day or whatever else they’re doing online all day and the phone doesn’t ring.

So I believe that if you are able to pick up the phone or reach somebody on the phone or leave a voicemail, I think that you’ll gain a tremendous amount of additional relationships and close a lot more business.

One, the office become rather a library. It’s so quiet in every office. The phones aren’t ringing. Quite frankly, where is the action where are people are not as excited as they used to be in the office. They are coming into the office and putting on their BOSE noise cancelling headphones and no one is reaching out to them.

So I believe that people should bring out their passion and their feelings and their energy by making phone calls and trying to reach out to people via the phone.

And I think without a question, it is more personal. People love to talk to people and I think that once you get somebody on the phone, you connect with them and you click with them, you will have a much better opportunity in closing a sale.