Sales Secrets: Nailing the Cold Call

Shai Stern is Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services ( In this video he discusses nailing the cold call.

  1. Goal of the call: open a potential opportunity & ask pointed questions
  2. Questions: -Is now a good time? -Do you currently use a similar product?
  3. Get them to engage in the conversation
  4. Get confirmation to follow-up in some fashion

I love cold calls. I love cultivating and opening up brand new relationships and I think that the phone today is – should become our best friend once again. We used to be, you know, we are on the phone all the time and now it is busy going like this all day but use the phone.

The phone is an amazing tool where you could open up a potential opportunity where you can go ahead and really what the goal is on that initial phone call is to open that door and to ask very pointed questions from that person on the phone.

Number one, is now a good time for me to be speaking to you? Number two is do you currently use a product that’s similar to mine? Are you happy with it? Get them to talk. Sales is about listening and not about talking and most importantly on that cold call is to say, can I follow up with you? Can I e-mail you something? If you are local, Can I come by and buy you a cup of coffee?

So I really think that the ultimate goal in how to nail a cold call is if you can open up that relationship, understand what their needs are, understand if there really – if there is a need. Not to waste time but if there is a need, have a follow up with them on what their next step ought to be.