The Secrets to Closing Sales

Shai Stern is Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services ( In this video he shares the secrets to closing sales.

  1. Have no fear
  2. Ask the right question- what can I do to get your business?
  3. Listen very carefully to the answers
  4. Clearly define the next steps


As a CEO, the most importantly as a sales person -- a couple of the points that I bring out are number 1, don't be afraid. Ask your prospect about timing. Ask them what their goals are, ask them what your needs are, ask them what their price point you're looking for. But, the most important thing about closing a sale is really to ask the prospect to the right questions. What can I do to get your business and the key at all times is to listen very carefully. I'm a big believer at sales is not about talking rather it's about listening and about asking rather various specifc pointed questions.

And, when finishing up any conversation with a prospect is ask very clearly what the next steps are to be. Can I come see you next week? Are you reviewing the contract? Is there anybody else in the team who I should be speaking to as well? Is there a committee? What's your timing? These are the things that are more you're able to understand what the prospect is looking for, you'll have a much better chance and probably much greater success rating close in sales.

So, to wrap up I guess the number 1 thing about closing sales is don't be afraid. Be very clear as to what you're goals are. Even more importantly really understand the goal of the prospect and I will assure you that once you understand the side of the prospect and you build that trust and cultivate that relationship you'll be closing a lot of great sales.