Pro Secrets for Protecting Your Digital Reputation

Julie Spira is a Netiquette Expert & CEO of Social Media and More ( In this video she shares some pro secrets for protecting your digital reputation.

  1. Set a Google Alert for your business & name
  2. Use social media tools: TweetDeck & HootSuite
  3. Go to the source first & ask them to remove the item


Are you worried about protecting your digital reputation? Well you should be. Personally I’ve been impersonated twice on Tweeter and trust me imitation wasn’t a form of flattery. Sites such as Tweeter and Facebook take impersonation and trademark infringement really really seriously. So here are some tips on how you can monitor what’s going on.

One, make sure you have a Google alert set up for your business name, your offerings. If you’re an author your book title and of course your personal names to monitor. You can set that up as frequently as soon as possible or once a day whatever is more convenient for you. But you need to know what people are saying about you online.

Here’s another tip. Use social media management tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite. They’re perfect. You put in your search words wherever you are an expert and if somebody is suddenly is talking about you, you will have an opportunity to see what they are saying and to respond.

If for some reason you do find out that your digital reputation has been compromised try going direct first to them and ask them to please take it down. If they’ve taken your logo or they misquoted you an article. If that doesn’t work Tweeter, Facebook, affiliate marketing sites they all take this pretty seriously so then you need to report but try and take it off online than cause some chaos online.

And at the end of the digital day remember you need to protect your digital reputation because the worldwide web has become the wild wild west.