Tips for Choosing the Right Business Attorney for a Lawsuit

Bradley I. Kramer is a M.D, Esquire. at The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer ( In this video he shares some tips for choosing the right business attorney for a lawsuit.

  1. Find a lawyer with a disposition for the outcome you desire
  2. Make sure your attorney has proper experience & specialization
  3. Ask credible sources for recommendations


If you or your business is involved in a lawsuit. Generally, the lawyer that you hire to represent you in that lawsuit is not going to be the same lawyer that represent you in drafting the operating agreements and the other agreements that govern your business. So, it's very important in choosing a lawyer that you will have a lawyer that represents your interest in accordance with how you want those interests to be represented.

One of the important factors that goes into that is the disposition and approach of that attorney. Some litigators like to settle cases and some lawyers like to try cases. If you're interested in taking your case all the way to trial, make sure that your lawyer has experienced taking cases to all they way to trial and litigating them in front of juries and judges.

Secondly, when you're considering hiring a lawyer, make sure that lawyer has the experience and specialization needed to litigate your claims. If you're an internet technology company, you want a lawyer who has experience in that field similarly for real estate or taxation issues or general business issues.

The third is make sure that you contact people who you know and get recommendations with regards to the attorney that you're choosing. There's nothing more important than asking other people who have actually used that attorney whether or not his skills and his specializaiton are the right tools for you.

No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit but if you're forced into a lawsuit either as the suing party or the party that's being sued, you wanna make sure that you choose the right attorney to litigate your claims. Likely, there's going to be a lot of money and time that's expended through out the course of the litigation so you wanna make sure that you trust the person who you're working with.