3 Pro Secrets to Choosing the Right Song for Your Ad

Alex Nahai is CEO of Alex Nahai Companies (alexnahai.com). In this video he shares 3 pro secrets ti choosing the right song for your ad.

  1. Hire a consultant to handle all legal licensing
  2. Radio DJs, music supervisors, A&Rs, songwriters/producers
  3. Choose the appropriate section for the moment
  4. Be sure to edit & mix the song correctly

I would say three pro-secrets choosing the right song for your ad. They are as follows:

The first thing is higher consultant. A consultant will understand structurally, artistically, legally what things you need to do in order to successfully license music not only from a business standpoint but also from an artistic and functionality standpoint. The places to look for consultants, radio DJs who specialize in a lot of different genres of music. I know that KCRW for example is a company that you know, there are DJs who do a lot of consultation and their soundtracks are always fantastic. Music supervisors on movies and TV shows are another great place to look, and also a good place to look. Songwriters and producers are also, you know, very qualified consultants when it comes to understanding what types of songs to use, what parts of songs to use, where to find music, etc.

The other pro-secret is; choose the right part of the song at the right time in your ad. You know, make sure that if you have a point in the ad where you want uplifting music, make sure the music is uplifting. If you want it to be less obtrusive, make sure you have chosen a less obtrusive part of the song. This is something that really a lot of businesses miss because they just don't have experience when it comes to choosing music and with music in general.

And then the third is to edit and mix correctly. Make sure that your edit has not compromised the structural integrity of the song. This is a huge point. And finally, make sure that your mix, make sure that you have remixed whatever song you're using so that it is specifically tailored to whatever speakers your audience is going to be watching your ad with or through.

So those are three pro-secrets to finding the right song for your ad. And if you follow those secrets, you're gonna be much successful than you were or have been if not.