Scaling Your Tech Company and Building a Team

Dorian Collier is Founder & CEO of Deesea ( In this video he talks about scaling your tech company and building a team.

  1. Find people who are better than you
  2. Avoid having to micromanage
  3. Ensure you have adequate cash flow


I’ve started and scaled a couple of tech firms and you know and have some buddies have the same and you know when doing that there are a few tips that you definitely want to take into account and you know what I’m talking about is going from being a single person company or you know self employed freelancer to making that transition to building a team you know. You’re hiring people. You’re finding partners and doing that.

First thing you want to do is you want to look for people that are smarter than you alright. Now if you’re doing this and you’re successful I assume that you’re extremely talented. You’re extremely smart and you’re very hard working. Now you want to look for people that are even smarter you know more talented and work even harder alright. If you can find them you know those are the people that you need to bring on in your team alright.

Next you don’t want to micromanage. If you find the right people you hire the right people you don’t need to micromanage you know. Again going back to the first point you know if they’re smarter than you what you want to do is you just want to get out of there way and let them do their thing alright.

And last but not least. You want make sure that you have adequate cash flow alright. So what you’re doing often times is when you go from just being you to hiring your first person you might be doubling your expenses alright. So does your cash flow support that. Do you have enough income to support that if not then you need to you need to work a deal with your team members or figure out how to make that work not just for the immediate project you have but moving forward for the long term.

So those are the tips that I would definitely recommend to anybody who’s operating as a freelancer now and looking to build a tech team.