3 Bulletproof Client Relations Tips for Tech People

Dorian Collier is Founder & CEO of Deesea ( In this video he discusses 3 bulletproof client relations tips for tech people.

  1. Speak in layman's terms
  2. Really listen to the client's needs
  3. Continually communicate progress


Over the past 10 years you know I’ve learned a lot being a tech person making the transition into the business world and dealing with clients there’s certain key tips that I would recommend when communicating with your clients.

One is definitely ditch the jargon alright. So if there’s any stuff that you talk your tech buddies that you can’t talk to you know random family member about or anything like that you know special acronyms you know a lot of the technology names you know code names. All that stuff or even technology that came out last month you know just ditch that. You want to speak in plain English and you know just to make sure that they can understand alright. That’s the key to it all. Make sure that they can understand.

Second you want to listen to what the client needs. You know as a technical person you can often get caught or I can often get caught up and thinking we know what needs to be done alright but we have to make sure that we listen and we understand the business. It’s not just the technical needs but the business needs. It’s extremely important and last but not least communicate your progress alright.

If you don’t let your client know that you’re actually in the dungeon working doing whatever you’re doing you know working working 20 hour days and you know drinking Red Bull and coffee you know they won’t know that if they don’t hear from you they’re going to assume you’re not doing anything and that could be a problem. So definitely communicate your progress as often and early as possible.

So and those are the three tips I would recommend for any technical person dealing with clients.