Building Your Website for First-time Users

Dorian Collier is Founder & CEO of Deesea ( In this video he talks about building your website for first-time users.

  1. Determine how users will find your site
  2. Take their mindset into account
  3. Provide the user with what they want
  4. Anticipate the next step

When you’re building your website or web application, the first people to use it are all going to be first-time users so it’s extremely important to build with them in mind. You know, everybody has this huge feature list and all of these things that they want to do a lot of times, you know, to focus and set being on the more advanced users or late state users but you know, first-time users are extremely important and there is, there is a few tips that you can follow to kind of get into their head and build stuff for them.

First is how will they find you, alright. So, usually when they find you, they already gong to have an idea of your site. So, you know, oftentimes, you don’t have to explain everything to them. They don’t just stumble upon your site. They’re getting their either because a friend recommended them or something along these lines. They have some context when they arrive. You need to take that into account, alright.

Next, what is their mind set when they visit the site? You know, are they potentially switching from somebody else’s product to your product. You know, are—are you offering something, you know, insanely better or something novel or new. You know, what their in center is of and you really, you really want to play the deck, alright and get them in the system. You know, what is the various entry there, alright.

Next, give them what they want. You might have a thousand features or you’re planning a thousand features but what are the ne or two things that are going to be really get them to take the action that you want them to take whether it’s be signing up for the site or you know, smiting information, whatever it is that you want them to do, you know, you have to match that that with what they actually want. What the end goal is for them.

And after they complete that, you have to as k yourself what now. You have the huge opportunity here and this is, this is something that is often missed. And after they take the action, now what, alright? It’s your opportunity, you have a camp of audience and you can guide them to take additional actions on your side, follow up, and try to make the-- try to convert them from first-time users into multiple users or advocates for your product, fanatics about your product.

So, those are the tips that I would give for building website for first time users.