How to Create a Site Map for Your Company Website

Tracy Ryan is Founder & Creative Director of JeTT Media Group ( In this video she discusses how to create a site map for your company website.

  1. Sitemap: a visual representation of your website's flow
  2. Establish the main site navigation
  3. Use boxes & arrows to diagram remaining pages
  4. Evaluate the ease of flow from a user standpoint


So creating a site map for your company website before you actually start building your website is really important. What a site map does is basically show visually an overall flow of the pages of you’re website and how they’re each going to connect. I’m sure a lot of you have probably at some point seen a flowchart. It’s kind of the same thing as a site map.

What you want to do when creating a site map is the first step is establish the navigation. Decide what your main site navigation will be on your website and what those pages consist of. An example of these pages would be a home page, about us, services, contact, etc. Those are the main topics that you see written out at the top of your page in your site navigation.

Write this out on a page horizontally across the top and that will begin your site map. From there simply use boxes and arrows to draw out the rest of the pages and how they will connect to those main pages at the top of your page. You have your row of main navigation points and then under each one draw a box. So our services you might have a logo design box for a logo page, a website design box for a website design page. This would be all the different page that fall consecutively under that main title.

And then think it all through once you have it designed. Take a good look at it and think about from a user’s standpoint how the overall flow of the site will be. You don’t want people to get confused or lost. So make it easy to figure out and that will help you in your overall process of creating your new website. You go in with a clear idea of what you want, what you need and your design firm will easily be able to execute from there.