Hiring the Perfect Web Design Firm

Tracy Ryan is Founder & Creative Director of JeTT Media Group (http://jettmg.com/). In this video she talks about hiring the perfect web design firm.

  1. Do diligent research
  2. Visit the agency's sites
  3. Meet with agencies in person
  4. Find an agency with clear & easy communication
  5. Contact & check references
  6. Make your choice based on quality


So I have formulated 6 advice tips in hiring the perfect web design firm that I’d like to share with my friends and colleagues when they’re starting off on the venture of creating a new website for their brand.

First and foremost you always want to do your research. You want to search the web and ask your friends and colleagues for references to respected agencies. Those are going to be the people that you can really trust and count on when getting a good referral.

Once you’ve found these that you’re interested in make sure to visit their website. Look and see if their design aesthetic and their current projects match your vision and meet your expectations for the website you want to create and get face to face with these agencies. Meet with them in person. Go and talk to multiple agencies and make sure the personalities between yourself and the team mesh.

Ultimately you’re probably going to be working with these guys for a while and easy communication is key. Choose an agency that speaks the language that you can understand. You never want to walk into a relationship not really knowing what you’re getting and check the references. Ask for client references and check them to ensure that they are trusted and dependable and then base your decision on quality.

Don’t pick an agency just because they’re the cheapest. Often times you really do get what you pay for. Use these tips wisely and you’re sure to find an agency that will most definitely fit your needs for your next website design.