The easiest way to put your documents online

Docstoc Sync is a simple downloadable application that automatically syncs documents from your computer to Docstoc MyDocs. Effortlessly upload your documents and keep them private for easy access anytime, anywhere. Or publish any document or folder of documents publicly on Docstoc by putting it in your "Docstoc Public Documents" folder from your desktop.


Win XP+

MAC OSX 10.6+

  • Automatically sync your computers My Documents folder with Docstoc MyDocs
  • Easiest way to publish with drag and drop desktop folder
  • Fastest way to publish documents online
  • Access your documents anytime, anywhere
  • Mirror any folder on your hard drive to MyDocs
  • Works for both PC and Mac
About Doc Sync

Docstoc Sync is a downloadable application that runs on your PC or Mac. You can select which folders you wish to sync with Docstoc. The application will check these folders for changes and automatically sync any new or updated documents with Docstoc MyDocs. By default, Docstoc Sync will upload and sync all your documents privately on Docstoc, so no one else can view these documents without your permission. In addition Docstoc Sync installs a folder on your desktop called "Docstoc Public Documents", where you can easily upload any document to Docstoc publicly.

Installing and Setup

After the install, you’ll see the Docstoc Sync welcome screen. Here you can set some of the initial settings for Docstoc Sync. Before clicking start


Win XP+

MAC OSX 10.6+

1) Publish all documents I add to the Docstoc directory on my desktop as Public

By default, Docstoc Sync will create a new folder on your desktop called “DocStoc Public Documents”. Any files (or even folders) you drag and drop here will be uploaded as public documents to Docstoc. Any subfolders you create in your Docstoc Public Documents folder will be mirrored on your Docstoc MyDocs.

2) Synchronize documents under My Documents as Private

Your My Documents folder (on PC) or your Documents folder (on Mac) will automatically be synced with your Docstoc MyDocs – all your documents will be uploaded and stored privately and secure on Docstoc for any time, anywhere access. All documents in these desktop folders will be continuously updated, so any new documents you create and save to your my Documents folder on your desktop will automatically be on Docstoc MyDocs without any additional work.

3) Select additional directories to synchronize

If you store documents in other folders on your computer you can also sync these files using Docstoc Sync. Simply check this box and click start. On the following screen, click “Add a Directory” to specify your additional directories. You can set Docstoc Sync to find and sync all documents on your computers with Docstoc MyDocs. Just click on the highest level directory (the C:\ drive, for example).

Using Docstoc Sync

Docstoc Sync Application Settings

After the install, Docstoc Sync will start working right away. In the background your documents are synced effortlessly. You will have a small system tray application as shown in the below image.

Clicking the Docstoc Sync icon in your system tray (located in the bottom right corner of the screen) will open the folder settings. Here you can specify which folders to use for automatic syncing.

If you right click the icon you get additional options to view your documents on Docstoc, view sync status and finally check for program upgrades. You can also add additional directories to sync, after installation by clicking on the application icon.

The Docstoc Sync Public Documents Folder

Docstoc Sync will create a folder on your desktop titled “Docstoc Public Documents”. Any files you place in this folder will automatically be synced and uploaded to Docstoc. They will appear on your profile as public documents. This is the quickest and easiest way to publish your documents online.


Win XP+

MAC OSX 10.6+