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    Politics in education provision has not been given prominent role in higher education institutions of learning, especially in teachers colleges. Politicians claim that politics should not be linked to education provision and for this reason education providers do not include political studies in the school curriculum. Another observation is that higher institutions academics who know better through their academic knowledge acquisition also shy away from active poltical activities. This is a very unfortunate outlook to politics in education because politics influence education provision in all societies. It is the hope of the authors of this book that there should be a new look at politics and education provision so that political education is infused into academic curricula at all levels of instittions - schools, colleges and universities - worldwide so that those who venture into politics after their education know what contribution they should make towards the political, social and economic development of their countries. The new millennium needs politically informed politicians to engage in the political game. Poltical Bases of Education is recommended as a textbook for schools in the new millennium for building a solid foundation for political education.
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Per Page: 152550