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Currently enrolled at Lincoln Technical Institute (LTI) in Seminole, Florida, Zachary Robert Stackhouse is working to become an x-ray technician. LTI, one of the leading providers of career education and training in the United States, strives to provide students like Mr. Stackhouse with the quality education and training they will need to enhance the U.S. health care system. Having finished the medical assisting portion of his education, Mr. Stackhouse plans to complete an externship before joining the workforce. He maintains a nearly flawless attendance record at LTI and remains committed to the development of his skills, placing great importance on diligence and hard work. Zachary Robert Stackhouse strives to excel in his education and career as well as to enjoy his private life. He maintains a multitude of interests outside of the health care field, including a taste for music that covers many genres. Mr. Stackhouse takes great pleasure in attending live music events at venues like the State Theater and Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida. He also participates in athletics, both as a player and spectator. His favorite sports are basketball and football. Zachary Robert Stackhouse possesses a strong interest in travel in addition to sports and music. He has ventured to many different locations throughout the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Santo Domingo, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. He has also visited countries in Central America like Mexico and Belize. He maintains an avid interest in books as well, reading works about American history as well as science fiction, mystery, dark humor, and fantasy. His favorite authors include James Rollins, David Eddings, Carl Hiaasen, Terry Goodkind, and Raymond E. Feist.


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