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My docs were deleted inadvertently for about 2 weeks. They were restored on 4 June 13! |||| Scientist, inventor & writer. Employed by US Govt., Naval Station Newport. RI native. Veteran, USAF. Ph.D. Columbia. Former President, Aquidneck Indian Council. Website lists publications in (1) Algonquian Studies (2) math./stat. (3) poetry (4) essays. Latest books: (a) 500 Integrals (DocStore) and (b) A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England (Bauu Press). Recent book is Understanding Indian Place Names in Southern New England (on Amazon) Cheers! e-mail: francis.j.obrien@navy.mil francis28@cox.net
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The Response Style of Acquiescence in Authoritarian Scales
From: waabu | Date: 2/3/2014  | Views: 42

An old grad. school paper in social psychology on research relating to the response style of a acquiescence. more>>

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Heredity and Environment.pdf.pdf
From: waabu | Date: 3/31/2014  | Views: 33

old research paper on studies of heritability of intelligence more>>

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From: waabu | Date: 4/1/2014  | Views: 83
83 views language: Japanese