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Choose the right salon to get your Brazilian wax done
From: vivabrazil | Date: 6/1/2012  | Views: 37

Brazilian Body Waxing is the famous procedure people are adopting these days. It is actually improved and safer for you to have your Brazilian wax if  ...  more>>

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Experiencing a Brazilian wax in San Diego
From: vivabrazil | Date: 5/15/2012  | Views: 36

Waxing has become everybody’s favorite and surely an affordable way to remove all that unwanted hairs from your body. more>>

36 views language: English
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Wax for Women
From: vivabrazil | Date: 5/1/2012  | Views: 220

Many women believe that Brazilian Wax for Women has far more advantage to waxing than its disadvantages. The pain is a very small price to pay for a... ...  more>>

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Make Brazilian Body Wax Pain Free
From: vivabrazil | Date: 4/17/2012  | Views: 10

Make Brazilian Body Wax easier by keeping these pain and irritation relieving tips. With these tips you can go a long way in making hair removal... ...  more>>

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Brazilian Wax in San Diego, haven for the body conscious
From: vivabrazil | Date: 2/20/2012  | Views: 10

Various salons for Men Wax in San Diego offer face and body waxing. These salons offer high end techniques and latest technologies that are quick,... ...  more>>

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What Better That Brazilian Waxing For Women with Fortitude
From: vivabrazil | Date: 2/6/2012  | Views: 17

Brazilian Waxing for Women and men have been in to practice since decades. It is considered to be one of the most ideal way or removing hair,... ...  more>>

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Waxing In San Diego Is a Haven for the Body Conscious
From: vivabrazil | Date: 2/2/2012  | Views: 16

Waxing is one of the best and universal ways of hair removal techniques. Female body waxing is a universal phenomenon and has been practiced sine... ...  more>>

16 views language: English