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Assessing the Potential for Payments for Watershed Services to Reduce Poverty in Guatemala
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/20/2009  | Views: 15

Payments for Environmental Services (PES) are being increasingly used as conservation instruments, particularly in Latin America. PES programs seek... ...  more>>

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15 views language: English
Extension Educators Collecting Industry-specific Stakeholder Input
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/20/2009  | Views: 11

Extension educators have explored different methods for collecting stakeholder input, but a suitable methodology has not been agreed on. The Michigan  ...  more>>

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11 views language: English
Management Strategies of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/19/2009  | Views: 56

Beginning farmers and ranchers often bring new skills that complement and enhance traditional farm production technologies. Yet there is a... ...  more>>

Tags: Ranchers
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56 views language: English
The Value of Information in Invasive Species Management
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/19/2009  | Views: 8

OBJECTIVE ► Invasive species exact a growing toll on ecosystems and cause substantial economic losses. ► Invasive species management is hindered... ...  more>>

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8 views language: English
Production Contracts And Farm Productivity: Examining The Link Using Instrumental Variables
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/13/2009  | Views: 66

Estimating how production contracts affect farm productivity is difficult because the decision to use a contract is endogenous to other decisions... ...  more>>

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66 views language: English
Grain Marketing Tools: A Survey of Illinois Grain Elevators
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/13/2009  | Views: 104

As with most sectors of the agriculture economy, the U. S. country grain elevator industry has experienced considerable consolidation and... ...  more>>

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104 views language: English
Wildfire Risk Management on a Landscape with Public and Private Ownership: Who Pays
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/13/2009  | Views: 21

In recent years the western U.S. has seen an increase in the both the frequency and severity of wildland fires. Statistics from the past five... ...  more>>

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21 views language: English
Restoration of Wetland Services: Economic Gains to the Farmland Owner
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/13/2009  | Views: 194

The objective of this analysis is to describe and, if possible, measure gains that farmland owners may have seen because of the public�s demand for... ...  more>>

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194 views language: English
The Specialty Coffee Quality Rating as a Measure of Product Differentiation and Price Signal to Growers: an Entropy Analysis of E-Auction Data
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/11/2009  | Views: 13

Specialty coffees are differentiated from regular coffee by their particularly good flavor 1 . Flavor is the simultaneous sensation in the palate  ...  more>>

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13 views language: English
Does Crop Insurance Affect Crop Yields
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/10/2009  | Views: 84

We use administrative data from the Federal crop insurance program to examine how yield distributions change as farmers cycle into and out of the... ...  more>>

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84 views language: English
Nonpecuniary Benefits To Farming And Decoupled Payments
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/10/2009  | Views: 16

The first part of this paper presents a simple labor supply and production model wherein farmers with diminishing marginal utility of income derive... ...  more>>

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16 views language: English
A Comparison of RAS and Entropy Methods in Updating IO Tables
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/9/2009  | Views: 33

Since the first half of the 20th century, the input-output (IO) table has been the backbone of much empirical work used to support policy analysis... ...  more>>

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33 views language: English
Spatial Considerations in Air- and Water-Quality Tradeoffs for Animal Agriculture
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/9/2009  | Views: 34

Total and average per ton costs of land-applying manure demonstrate the importance of spatial factors on the potential effect of policy limits for... ...  more>>

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34 views language: English
The 2006 Reform of the EU Domestic Policy Regime for Bananas. An Assessment of its Impact on Trade
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/9/2009  | Views: 17

The paper provides a quantitative assessment of the possible market implications of the December 2006 reform of the EU domestic policy regime for... ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
17 views language: English
Distributional Impact of U.S. Farm Commodity Programs: Accounting for Alternative Farm Household Typologies
From: txtdoc | Date: 11/9/2009  | Views: 92

Agricultural households adjust to policy changes through market mechanisms by altering: their production mix, labor input, and on- and off-farm... ...  more>>

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92 views language: English