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24/7 Inc., the intuitive consumer experience company, provides software and services that make it simple for consumers to connect with large companies to get things done. 24/7’s software helps companies anticipate what consumers want, simplify interactions, and learn from those interactions so that future experiences get better all the time. 24/7 is based in Campbell, California. Contact 24/7 at
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Ensure Happier Travelers with Customer Experience Solutions
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 9/18/2012  | Views: 5

Today almost all people plan before embarking on a trip be it a business trip or a vacation trip. This is done to avoid time wastage looking for... ...  more>>

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Better Customer Journeys with Advanced Customer Experience Solutions
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 9/18/2012  | Views: 15

Organizations that deliver an enhanced customer experience are thriving. Ever-increasing competition, a more informed and social customer base, and... ...  more>>

15 views language:
Features of Predicting Customer Interaction Software
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 9/11/2012  | Views: 10

Today customer analytics plays a huge role in successful customer relationship management (CRM). Simply put, it is a procedure through which... ...  more>>

10 views language: English
Improve Customer Satisfaction with Predictive Customer Experience Solutions
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 9/11/2012  | Views: 12

Today there is increased competition in the banking sector, which provides unsatisfied customers the option to change banks or credit card companies.  ...  more>>

12 views language: English
"Rise Of Advanced Mobile Self Service Solutions "
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 9/4/2012  | Views: 11

Customer service interactions have undergone layers of changes and development over the past decade. The present day customer is both cyber and... ...  more>>

11 views language: English
Features and Benefits of Customer Analytics
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 8/28/2012  | Views: 0

Features and Benefits of Customer Analytics Over the past few years customer analytics have gained prominence... ...  more>>

0 view language: English
Improve Customer Experience with Customer Interaction Services
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 8/27/2012  | Views: 12

Good customers are as rare as Latinum - treasure them” is an old Klingon proverb, but how many enterprises can actually do that. In today’s... ...  more>>

12 views language: English
Streamline Your Retail Customer Experience
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 8/23/2012  | Views: 17

Internet technology and retail innovation have brought about a significant change in the consumer behavior. Today’s consumer’s are smart, intelligent  ...  more>>

17 views language: English
Intuitive Customer Experience Software for the Retail Industry
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 8/16/2012  | Views: 13

Compared to other industries, the retail industry is one such industry where one can see more direct customer contact. Hence, providing good customer  ...  more>>

13 views language: English
Customer Experience Solutions that make Banking Easy for Customers
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 8/7/2012  | Views: 12

Financial services are services provided by institutions that manage money. Wikipedia defines financial services as “the economic services provided... ...  more>>

12 views language: English
[24]7's Big Data Predictive Analytics, Outcome-Based Model, and Machine Learning to Improve the Customer Experience
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 7/31/2012  | Views: 48

[24]7 Inc Press Release: CAMPBELL, CA, Jul 26, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- [24]7, the intuitive consumer experience company, today announced that  ...  more>>

48 views language: English
Intuitive customer experience –Redefine Customer Service
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 7/30/2012  | Views: 26

With the advancement in technology, to improve customer experience, organizations are rolling out more self service options such as websites, speech... ...  more>>

26 views language: English
Modeling Customer Attrition in Telco Industry
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 7/27/2012  | Views: 18

The global telecom industry continues to traverse through significant change. Today, being driven by the demands from the customers, the Telco’s have  ...  more>>

18 views language: English
Keep humans out of service [24]7
From: twentyfourseven | Date: 7/17/2012  | Views: 7

A leading telecommunications company, and the local divisions of Lenovo and Avis are paying a total of around $40 million a year to US based company,  ...  more>>

7 views language: English