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The 1962 Vatican Document on Clergy Sex Abuse
From: thefifthseal | Date: 1/5/2012  | Views: 65

The 1962 document from the vatican describing the catholic church's officially sanctioned sex abuse policy of "cover-up." more>>

65 views language: English
My FOIA Request, and the Government's Official Lie
From: thefifthseal | Date: 1/5/2012  | Views: 53

This was an FOIA request to ICE in which I wanted to obtain a Treasury Dept investigation from 1987 into a known cult called 'Finders.' I already... ...  more>>

53 views language: English
The Tatum Chronicles (alternate)
From: thefifthseal | Date: 12/12/2011  | Views: 114

This is the book Chip Tatum published in which he exposed Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and others with their involvement in cocaine... ...  more>>

114 views language: English
Obama's Real Birth Certificate
From: thefifthseal | Date: 7/5/2011  | Views: 262

This is a copy of Obama's real birth certificate obtained by Lucas Daniel Smith in 2009. Lucas obtained this from the hospital in Kenya where Obama... ...  more>>

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Obama's Phony Birth Certificate
From: thefifthseal | Date: 7/4/2011  | Views: 67

This is the PDF of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House. more>>

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Captain Schuyler's 1919 War Department Letter to Colonel Barrows Regarding the Bolshevik Revolution
From: thefifthseal | Date: 6/22/2011  | Views: 175

This is a War Department letter from Captain Schuyler to Colonel Barrows. Schuyler was reporting from Omsk, Russia, on conditions surrounding the... ...  more>>

175 views language: English
The Cause of World Unrest
From: thefifthseal | Date: 6/22/2011  | Views: 154

This is a 1920 study on jewish power in the world siting the recent Bolshevik Revolution. more>>

154 views language: English
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
From: thefifthseal | Date: 3/27/2011  | Views: 95

This scientific paper presents the clear evidence that carbon dioxide does little to influence the climate. more>>

95 views language: English
What Happened to the Real Conservatives?
From: thefifthseal | Date: 3/12/2011  | Views: 15

This is a brief description of the "neo conservative" by retired Army Colonel Donn de Grand Pre'. more>>

15 views language: English
Saint Hippolytus on the Jews
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/28/2011  | Views: 54

This is a section on the Jews from Saint Hippolytus' work, "The Refutation of all Heresies." more>>

54 views language: English
The Real Bomb Behind the Murrah Blast
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/28/2011  | Views: 107

This Golden Empire Review article from 1995 discusses some bomb discrepancies and disagreements regarding the explosive device used in the Oklahoma... ...  more>>

107 views language: English
Against the Jews (Eight Homilies by Saint John Chrysostom)
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/27/2011  | Views: 66

These are the eight homilies "Against the Jews" preached by our Father among the Saints, John Chrysostom. This collection also contains the "lost... ...  more>>

66 views language: English
Global Cooling Predicted in 1975
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/26/2011  | Views: 103

This is an interesting Newsweek article which reported on a fear of global cooling back in 1975. more>>

103 views language: English
Quotes from Abortion Proponents
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/26/2011  | Views: 159

These are a few shocking quotes from the feminist abortion crowd. more>>

159 views language: English
The Unborn Person is Also a Patient
From: thefifthseal | Date: 2/26/2011  | Views: 34

This statement was made by a group of more than 200 doctors, many of them members of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and included... ...  more>>

34 views language: English