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Susan Payton is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, an internet marketing firm specializing in marketing communications, copywriting and blog posts. She’s written two books: 101 Entrepreneur Tips and Internet Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs, and blogs for several sites, including The Marketing Eggspert Blog, as well as Mashable, Small Business Trends, FutureSimple, BizLaunch and Lead411. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.
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undergraduate: University of Central Arkansas
degree: French and English
year: 2001
graduate: University of Central Arkansas
degree: Business Administration
year: 2004

Does Your Brand Need an App?
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 1904

Everyone’s jumping on the app bandwagon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to. Read on to understand what benefits an app might add to your... ...  more>>

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Developing a Media Outreach Plan
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 917

Getting coverage in the media is a great way to get free advertising. It may not immediately result in sales, but it will definitely increase... ...  more>>

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Why Mapping Out Your Product is Important
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 1821

Before your product is even born, there is a lot of work that goes into the planning and development of it. Here’s why you should take your time on... ...  more>>

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The Importance of Business Accounting
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 8878

Accounting helps you keep track of your business’ expenses and income, as well as forecast how much money you will need in the future. If you start... ...  more>>

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Taking Your Company Public
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 233

If you’re looking for a way to give more investors access to your company, going public can do that. Here’s what you need to know about taking your... ...  more>>

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Pros and Cons of Working With an Investment Advisor
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 6872

Working with an investment advisor can help you pad your nest egg with a little profit. But do you really need one? If you have money saved for... ...  more>>

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New Ideas for Funding for Your Bootstrapped Businesses
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 8359

If you’re trying to bootstrap your business, then you may need some alternative methods of funding the startup. Once more traditional methods are... ...  more>>

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Mobile Payments for Your Business
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 497

Being able to accept credit card payments on the go opens up a world of possibilities for retailers. Learn about current options and decide which one  ...  more>>

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Make Your Real Estate Agency Stand Out From the Crowd
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/14/2011  | Views: 412

As a real estate agent, you’re competing with dozens of other agents locally, and thousands nationwide. Marketing yourself can be tricky...unless you  ...  more>>

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Which Type of Resume Should I Choose?
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/13/2011  | Views: 11371

Did you know that there are many different types of resumes? The type of resume you use will depend on how much experience you have in the industry... ...  more>>

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Top 6 Ways to Grow Your Small Business in any Economy
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/13/2011  | Views: 3832

Even if the economy is not doing well, that’s no excuse to let your business fail. Here are some foolproof ways you can stay afloat during a... ...  more>>

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Smart Budgeting Principles for a Bootstrapped Business
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/13/2011  | Views: 9196

Bootstrapping by definition means spending less than the average business, but there are a few important principles that are often missed by business  ...  more>>

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Should I Get a Small Business Loan or Bootstrap?
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/13/2011  | Views: 8169

There are a few ways to help pay for your startup in its early days before revenue starts coming in. But should you pay your own way or get a loan?... ...  more>>

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Pro and Cons for Using an NDA When Pitching an Idea
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/9/2011  | Views: 1844

Whether you’re looking for investors or business partners, you don’t want to give away your good ideas and leave yourself vulnerable. But you also... ...  more>>

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Planning for Retirement as a Small Business Owner
From: SusanPayton1 | Date: 6/9/2011  | Views: 186

Once you’ve left the comfort of employee-sponsored retirement plans, your retirement savings can go by the wayside. Here are some easy DIY retirement  ...  more>>

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