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Suzuki Swift gets some Attitude from Creative FX
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 4/25/2012  | Views: 17

Creative FX wraps 500 roofs in carbon fibre effect vinyl for the launch of Suzuki’s limited edition Swift Attitude cars. more>>

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Oliver Wight lead exclusive supply chain optimization day at ESC2012
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 4/13/2012  | Views: 5

Oliver Wight EAME are lead sponsors at the pre-conference day at this year's Extended Supply Chain Conference, and are offering the exclusive... ...  more>>

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Oliver Wight EAME releases white paper on transitioning from S&OP to Integrated Business Planning
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 4/12/2012  | Views: 18

New white paper from business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, reveals the benefits of transitioning from Sales and Operations Planning to... ...  more>>

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Wrap My Car Then Squash It!
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 4/11/2012  | Views: 8

Creative FX wraps M12 in eye-catching graphics to promote the launch of new app ‘Squash my Car’ by Speeding Hippo. more>>

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Connect with Oliver Wight’s Integrated Business Planning at SupplyLink 2012
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 3/26/2012  | Views: 17

Oliver Wight to run a technical workshop, on Integrated Business Planning, at the 2012 SupplyLink Conference, 19th-20th April. more>>

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Oliver Wight Reveal how to ‘Unlock the Potential’ at Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Conference in Asia
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 2/16/2012  | Views: 47

Oliver Wight present the benefits of Integrated Business Planning at IBF’s annual Supply Chain Forecasting and Planning Conference in China. more>>

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Creative FX display Mini’s support for the Olympics
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 2/10/2012  | Views: 13

Creative FX applies an Olympic window display to BMW Mini's flagship store in the run up to the games. more>>

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Aircelle Maroc are flying high with Class A accreditation from Oliver Wight
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 1/25/2012  | Views: 5

Aircelle Maroc, a leading aerospace component manufacturer has received class A accreditation from business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight and  ...  more>>

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New website provides Perfect Bags for Men
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 1/23/2012  | Views: 5

Press Release January 2012 New website provides Perfect Bags for Men Successful online handbag retailer and founder of Perfect Handbags,... ...  more>>

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Michael Fallon MP praises Cyclepods
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 1/20/2012  | Views: 9

Innovative bicycle storage producer, Cyclepods, has been praised by Michael Fallon, MP of Sevenoaks, for demonstrating how British design and... ...  more>>

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Creative FX’s banner of support for Friends of Griffins
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 1/12/2012  | Views: 5

New Bromley-based charity, Friends of Griffins, has received the help of local signage and display specialists, Creative FX, who have designed a new... ...  more>>

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Azzure IT Announces ‘Pay Monthly’ Dynamics ERP and CRM Solutions
From: RONINMarketing | Date: 12/16/2011  | Views: 9

Azzure IT has launched a flexible ‘pay-monthly’ scheme in response to industry demands for more flexible and affordable business solutions. more>>

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