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25 Things About Myself: 1. I can express myself well through writing (hope so… ahaks!). 2. I have a wicked sense of humor. 3. It is utterly impossible for me to be fake. 4. I’m opened minded. 5. I care about the Earth, and preserving it the best we can. 6. I am passionate. 7. I love to take pictures using my phone camera. 8. I am a really good friend. 9. I can make people laugh pretty easily. 10. I don’t like gossip. 11. I love my hair. 12. I am a hard worker. 13. I don’t mind admitting my faults. 14. I love easily. 15. I am forgiving. 16. I have a good sense of style. 17. I actually hate laundry. 18. And cleaning floors :p. 19. I love to eat and sleep. 20. I have black eyes :p. 21. I have one gorgeous wife. 22. I am compassionate. 23. I love to dance. 24. I have a strong faith in God. 25. I know me.


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