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I am a Legal consultant and a Local Politician, I had been consulting corporates and individuals concerning their legal matters ever since I graduated from the Institute of Business Law and Legal Management in Jakarta; Indonesia. Aiming to bring a vast array of practical and prescriptive legal and political solutions to business practitioners in Indonesia, I created Remidian Bahureksa in 2008, developed from my expanding Law Office. My clients and project partners have included Bahana Mitra Buana, Indonesia National Health Department, Reika Group and Kiev manufacture. I had worked with hundreds of people and entrepreneurs through my speaking, writing, teaching and corporate consulting related to legal and political matters. And at the age of 24 I was elected as a local government legislature / State parliamentarian, but resigned for private reasons. I hold a degree in Business Law from the Institute of Business Law and Legal Management (I.B.L.A.M) and a board member of Indonesia Youth Movement Organization, board member of AMPI; GOLKAR Party Wing Organization, and member of Local youth Institute. Today I lives in Jakarta; Indonesia.


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