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RANGER Jerry Conners, Captain Coureur des Bois,( 775-847-0214 (Ranger Class 502)นักรบชุดดำ, Master Parachutist พลร่ม (Honor Graduate of 101st ABN Jumpmaster Class), Special Forces Weapons Expert (1964-65 SF MOI, Weapons & Branch) หน่อยรบพิเศษ, 101st RECONDO (Brand Number 1919), Army Aviator นักบิน, AMOC, NRAS-PAL, Military Intelligence Officer Advance Course, Task Force Gramas [Special Operations] ... "Loose Nukes" Recovery Team Greece/Turkey 1974, Sensitive Weapons Theft (RAF Anti-Terrorist Operation) Interdiction Team Misseau, Fort Campbell Sport Parachute Club 1963-64, Distinguished Military Graduate University of Nevada ไม่เป็นไรยินดีที่ได้รู้จักคุณครับ,CMAS International Certified Diver


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