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About Me

Rafi is a man of arts and sports. Between the ages 3 and 8 he painted most of the time and people envisaged him becoming a new Picasso. Alas, the toll of homework led to an early retirement. Later he wanted to play the drums but his parents bought him a recorder. He coached young children basketball and football, embarked on basketball career, played with Israeli national team professionals, but shortage of some 30 centimeters, bad back and a Jewish mother who demanded him to “do something serious in life” forced another early retirement. He was invited to swim professionally but declined upon hearing that training started at 4 a.m., as he felt people should literally pursue their dreams... In addition, Rafi loves theater, cinema, music, European football, and he has a most comprehensive collection of Israeli stamps. He plans to write his very first novel at the age of 85, as then he expects to decrease the amount of traveling.


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