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Charlie Amen is an owner of Amen, Gantner & Capriano – Attorneys at Law, Your Estate Matters, L.L.C., the successor of Purcell & Amen, L.L.C. He has extensive experience in the estate planning field, in addition to his background in financial planning, income tax counseling and tax return preparation. He knows the importance of planning for the future, both economically and emotionally. Mr. Amen, along with other members of the firm, will work hard to provide quality estate planning services to clients concerned about protecting their hard-earned dollars and providing for their loved ones in case of death or disability. Because of his knowledge and desire to share that knowledge with others, Mr. Amen is frequently invited to speak on estate planning matters. He teaches adult education classes in the through Meramec Junior College on topics such as investments, taxes and estate planning. He also devotes his time to educating the public through both private and public estate planning seminars.


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