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Jocelyn Kirsch Press Release from the Department of Justice
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/17/2008  | Views: 300

This press release from the department of justice notifies that Jocelyn Kirsch and Edward Anderton were arrested and would be charged on suspicion of  ...  more>>

300 views language: English
Jocelyn Kirsch Photos
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/17/2008  | Views: 3042

College student Jocelyn Kirsch and former boyfriend Edward Anderton were sentenced to 5 years i prison for the crime of identity theft. The pair... ...  more>>

3,042 views language: English
168 views language: English
Clement Hurd Book Covers
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/17/2008  | Views: 483

Clement Hurd was an illustrator for children's books who drew and painted pictures for books written Margaret Wise Brown, his wife Edith Thatcher... ...  more>>

483 views language: English
Blue Lobster
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/17/2008  | Views: 640

Blue lobsters are rare lobsters with a genetic defect akin to albinism in humans. While their bright blue color and rarity make them interesting to... ...  more>>

640 views language: English
10 Most Extreme Water Sports
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/10/2008  | Views: 812

Extreme sports are always dangerous, but the most fun are the kind you can do in the water. Surfing is a classic extreme water sport, but since it's... ...  more>>

812 views language: English
8 Lies from the Second Presidential Debate
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/8/2008  | Views: 1182

John McCain and Barack Obama met once again to debate the issues that face Americans, but in their discussion of the economy, healthcare, national... ...  more>>

1,182 views language: English
Top 10 Celebrity Near Death Experiences
From: PowerfulPointer | Date: 10/3/2008  | Views: 5712

Travis Barker's recent brush with death was very scary; various other celebrities have not been as fortunate, including Aliyah, Princess Di, and Lisa  ...  more>>

5,712 views 2 likes language: English