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I have over 13 years of experience in development projects as a senior consultant and project manager in the areas of of project management, fund and board development, strategic & financial planning, monitoring & evaluation, procurement and stakeholder management for nonprofits, government, non governmental, and other development organizations. I am a member of the Project Management Institute and I am a Certified Project Management professional (PMP). I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing; and a Master's degree in Public Administration with emphasis in International NGO's management. In addition to my technical skills, I have worked as a community leader serving as a board member and member of various forums in the U.S. including the credit union movement, immigrant & refugee resettlement programs, microfinance and microenteprise, minority women in business, amongst other networks characterized for serving the undeserved. I am an advisor to various local and federal government agencies in issues affecting Hispanics in the U.S. ; I have been featured numerous times in various U.S. major media outlets; and was named the "Bank of America's 2008 Neighborhood Hero" awarded to 3 exemplary State of Georgia citizen's every year. I am also the founder of Impacto International, a consulting company providing services to International NGOs., U.S. Nonprofits with budgets under USD $5 million; regulated and non-regulated microfinance institutions; and small businesses. She is fluent in English and Spanish.


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