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Netmagic Solutions is India’s leading Managed IT Hosting Services Provider, specializing in Internet Data Center & Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security, Cloud Computing, Application Hosting, Messaging & Collaboration, Disaster Recovery & Availability and Professional Services. Netmagic has multiple carrier-neutral Tier III+ datacenters located in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai as well as a virtual data center in the United States. These are equipped with best-in-class infrastructure, world-class services, tools and skilled personnel, giving its customers the option to host their applications in any of these centers. Netmagic assures mission-critical support to its customers in association with its ecosystem of channel and alliance partners.
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Cloud Technology Ensuring Business Continuity Disaster Recovery
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 5/16/2013  | Views: 17

Globalization has given enterprises scope to expand to geographical boundaries, and technology has enabled enterprises to stay connected irrespective  ...  more>>

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Improve Enterprise Performance with Infrastructure Management Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 4/17/2013  | Views: 11

Simply put, infrastructure management is the process of managing important operational components, for instance procedures, policies, data, devices,... ...  more>>

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Going Public with Cloud Computing Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/26/2013  | Views: 4

The modern day public cloud computing model requires a security model that assists in reconciling scalability along with multi-tenancy. As... ...  more>>

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery– Why Critical?
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/21/2013  | Views: 2

In a technology enabled world, every business is dependent on the digital information available at the fingertips. Further with back up storage... ...  more>>

2 views language: English
Protecting your Business with Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/21/2013  | Views: 2

Business continuity planning has become an imperative in today’s businesses. Unanticipated business interferences can take many forms and can result... ...  more>>

2 views language: English
Benefits of Hosted Mail Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/14/2013  | Views: 7

In today’s world email is an essential communication tool, especially in business where it acts as a critical tool for managing trade and commerce.... ...  more>>

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Understanding Cloud Computing Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/14/2013  | Views: 6

Technological breakthroughs demands enterprises to frequently upgrade their information technology infrastructure or change the entire IT setup so as  ...  more>>

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Netmagic expands Managed Security Services portfolio with Fortinet’s Solutions
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/13/2013  | Views: 11

Fortinet today announced that Netmagic Solutions has deployed Fortinet's FortiGate consolidated security platform in its datacenters. The FortiGate... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
11 views language: Unknown
Cloud Computing Services-For Flexible and Scalable Resources
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/4/2013  | Views: 11

Today's global enterprises have been benefited with technological breakthroughs. Their widely distributed offices, manufacturing units and offshore... ...  more>>

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Things to Consider About Public Cloud Security
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 3/4/2013  | Views: 9

With public cloud computing being the latest technical buzzword, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the factors that are important for... ...  more>>

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Reasons For Choosing Managed Hosting Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 2/25/2013  | Views: 16

Going by its name, Managed Hosting services refers to the hosting plans that are designed by the hosting solution provider. In the web hosting... ...  more>>

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Cloud Computing Service Providers - Choose Discreetly
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 2/25/2013  | Views: 18

The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server is known as... ...  more>>

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Outsourcing Datacenter Solutions
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 2/21/2013  | Views: 9

Recently, the modern day data center facilities have changed as an essential architecture for hosting computing systems and other associated... ...  more>>

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Importance of Web Hosting Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 2/21/2013  | Views: 10

If you own a website of your own, then it is essential to be aware that your business is not totally secure. It is vulnerable to malpractices of the... ...  more>>

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