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Netmagic Solutions is India’s leading Managed IT Hosting Services Provider, specializing in Internet Data Center & Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security, Cloud Computing, Application Hosting, Messaging & Collaboration, Disaster Recovery & Availability and Professional Services. Netmagic has multiple carrier-neutral Tier III+ datacenters located in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai as well as a virtual data center in the United States. These are equipped with best-in-class infrastructure, world-class services, tools and skilled personnel, giving its customers the option to host their applications in any of these centers. Netmagic assures mission-critical support to its customers in association with its ecosystem of channel and alliance partners.
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Netmagic deploys hosting environment for India’s 1st SAP HANA implementation for
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 2/7/2014  | Views: 14

Netmagic Deploys Hosting Environment for India’s First SAP HANA Implementation Mumbai, India | 6 February, 2014: Consul Consolidated Pvt. Ltd.,... ...  more>>

14 views language: English
18th CFO Roundtable - Models For Investment In IT Infrastructure
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 1/28/2014  | Views: 8

18th CFO Roundtable - Models For Investment In IT Infrastructure Location: Kerala Netmagic is the  ...  more>>

8 views language: English
Managed Service Providers- The Lifeline for Data Recovery
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 11/8/2013  | Views: 27

Technological innovations today have a great impact on the changing customer demands. Enterprises in their bid to ensure success need to mould their... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
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4th Edition Exito India Manufacturing IT Summit 2013
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 11/7/2013  | Views: 92

Netmagic is the Silver Partner at the 4th Edition Manufacturing IT Summit 2013 that brings together leading decision makers from IT department of... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
92 views language:
Datacenter Migration
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 10/25/2013  | Views: 29

Datacenter migration is often regarded as a purely technical, almost trivial side-project, to be delivered by existing IT staff alongside their day... ...  more>>

29 views language:
Modern Data Centers- Complete Data Backup and Recovery Solution
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 10/4/2013  | Views: 28

Today's enterprises with technology enabled and networked workspace has enabled them to meet the requirements for market expansion leading to a... ...  more>>

28 views language:
EMC Forum 2013 Event
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 10/2/2013  | Views: 19

Netmagic is the Cloud Services Partner at the EMC Forum 2013, a two-day, complimentary conference event to be held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. more>>

Categories: Technology >
19 views language: Unknown
Data Centers In Chennai- Providing End-to-end Solutions
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 9/24/2013  | Views: 12

Globalization has given enterprises opportunities to expand to locations beyond geographies. However, this also challenges the global enterprises... ...  more>>

12 views language:
Successful IT Disaster Recovery Plan
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 9/16/2013  | Views: 30

Netmagic’s IT disaster recovery plan helps minimize the damage to business continuity when disaster strikes & enables organizations to resume their... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
30 views language: English
Event - CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony 2013
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 8/28/2013  | Views: 9

Netmagic Solutions is the Special Award Sponsor at the 8th CIO 100 Awards and Symposium, to be held in Pune. Netmagic Solutions is presenting the... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
9 views language:
More SME’s Opting in for Cloud Computing in India
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 8/27/2013  | Views: 8

The emergence of cloud computing in India has modified the way IT requirements are met today. There are certain aspects that have made cloud... ...  more>>

8 views language:
Webinar -Best Practices In Developing An IT Disaster Recovery Plan
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 8/26/2013  | Views: 21

This webinar introduces the key concepts and components that go into architecting and implementing an IT DR Plan and the best practices therein.... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
21 views language:
Enjoy Better Performance & Compliance with IT Infrastructure Management Services
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 8/8/2013  | Views: 44

Today’s business environment makes it imperative that the dynamic infrastructure requirements align with your business needs. This is one of the main  ...  more>>

44 views language:
Benefits Offered by Cloud Computing Service Providers in India
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 7/19/2013  | Views: 22

In today’s high-end and constantly evolving technological era, no computing device’s future can be made certain. With cloud computing providing... ...  more>>

22 views language:
Netmagic Expands Cloud Services Portfolio With SimpliDrive Cloud Object Storage
From: NetmagicSolutions | Date: 7/17/2013  | Views: 16

Netmagic Solutions launches its Enterprise Cloud Object Storage Solution, SimpliDrive, for businesses in India and globally. more>>

Categories: Technology >
16 views language: Latin