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William R. Buckley is Head of Adult Reference Services at Mooresville Public Library in Mooresville, Indiana.
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MPL Treasure Trove: Mooresville Moments (1999): I.O.O.F. Buildings
From: MPL46158 | Date: 7/6/2010  | Views: 360

In 1999, to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the town's founding, Wanda Potts, Indiana Room Librarian (1966-2002) at Mooresville Public Library,... ...  more>>

360 views language:
"Old Settlers" Song -- Mooresville, Indiana
From: MPL46158 | Date: 7/17/2010  | Views: 349

"Old Settlers" is a folk song written to commemorate the pioneer spirit of the founders and settlers of Mooresville, Indiana (in Morgan County). ... ...  more>>

349 views language: English
Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation 2012 Celebration Flyer
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/11/2012  | Views: 327

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation (of Mooresville, Indiana) is celebrating the high school's 150th anniversary and Newby elementary... ...  more>>

327 views language: English
Wanda of the Golden Dawn
From: MPL46158 | Date: 6/11/2011  | Views: 325

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Wanda Potts, MPL Indiana Room Librarian Emeritus, Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) share this... ...  more>>

325 views language: English
100th Anniversary Celebration, Mooresville Public Library, Mooresville, Indiana (May 12, 2012 Flyer)
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/1/2012  | Views: 320

Join Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) in celebrating its 100th anniversary on Saturday, May 12, 2012. more>>

320 views language: English
MPL Teddy Bear Sleepover Bookmark, From Cauli Le Chat, MPL Feline Roving Reporter
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/22/2011  | Views: 315

Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter, has revised her custom-made, authentic pawtographed bookmarks. One is especially made for the Teddy Bear... ...  more>>

315 views language: English
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/28/2010  | Views: 312

Mooresville Public Library (MPL) (Mooresville, Indiana) presents local historical flashcards as part of its "Treasure Trove" series. more>>

312 views language: English
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/28/2010  | Views: 300

Mooresville Public Library (MPL) (Mooresville, Indiana) presents its "Treasure Trove" series of postcards (in PDF format). more>>

300 views language: English
Highlights of Historic Mooresville Bus Tour-pixvers
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/10/2010  | Views: 299

In August, 2009, Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) conducted a bus tour of local historical houses, buildings, and other sites for... ...  more>>

299 views language: English
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/28/2010  | Views: 260

Mooresville Public Library (MPL) (Mooresville, Indiana) presents local historical flashcards as part of its "Treasure Trove" series. more>>

260 views language: English