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William R. Buckley is Head of Adult Reference Services at Mooresville Public Library in Mooresville, Indiana.
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Waverly School #2 (1915) Flashcard
From: MPL46158 | Date: 3/19/2012  | Views: 41

Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) presents a "treasure trove" local history flashcard featuring the Waverly School (1915). more>>

41 views language: English
Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation 2012 Celebration Flyer
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/11/2012  | Views: 332

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation (of Mooresville, Indiana) is celebrating the high school's 150th anniversary and Newby elementary... ...  more>>

332 views language: English
MPL Blogs -- URLs
From: MPL46158 | Date: 4/13/2012  | Views: 51

MPL Blogs & Videos Jaymi Edwards, Early Literacy Specialist:  Explore to Learn: Early Literacy Fun: ... ...  more>>

51 views language: English
100th Anniversary Celebration, Mooresville Public Library, Mooresville, Indiana (May 12, 2012 Flyer)
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/1/2012  | Views: 328

Join Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) in celebrating its 100th anniversary on Saturday, May 12, 2012. more>>

328 views language: English
100th Anniversary Slideshow, Mooresville (Indiana) Public Library
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/9/2012  | Views: 147

This MS-PowerPoint slideshow features a century of public service at Mooresville (Indiana) Public Library (1912-2012). more>>

147 views language: English
May 2012 Mooresville Bus & Walking Tour for North Madison Elementary School Students & Teachers
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/17/2012  | Views: 203

This handout presents the bus route taken by North Madison students and teachers on their annual bus and walking historical tour of Mooresville,... ...  more>>

203 views language: English
Mooresville: Our Town, Our History, by North Madison Elementary School 3rd Graders
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/17/2012  | Views: 210

Third grade students at North Madison Elementary School prepared a local historical handout about Mooresville, Indiana, which is distributed through... ...  more>>

210 views language: English
Basket-Weaving Workshop Flyer
From: MPL46158 | Date: 5/26/2012  | Views: 145

Baskets From Junior's Farm returns to Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) to present another beginner's basket-weaving workshop on... ...  more>>

145 views language: English
Databases on MPL Website Handout
From: MPL46158 | Date: 9/8/2012  | Views: 39

A listing of the databases accessible through the Mooresville (Indiana) Public Library website. more>>

39 views language: Latin
Friends of MPL "Dining to Donate Night" at Applebee's Form
From: MPL46158 | Date: 9/26/2012  | Views: 23

Friends of MPL "Dining to Donate Night" at Applebee's Form more>>

23 views language: Unknown
worksheet 1
From: MPL46158 | Date: 3/8/2013  | Views: 2

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2 views language: Korean
worksheet 2
From: MPL46158 | Date: 3/8/2013  | Views: 1

[_abe[ *I1tjnq v raql b*w+"qh ffi wi{- ir^Ag< c^t{s. fi'l in *ilr blanK-s  ...  more>>

1 views language: Unknown