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I am a business graduate have completed my MBA from Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, University of Dhaka. I have completed BBA from BRAC Business School, BRAC University. After graduation I have worked in a couple of consultancy, advertising houses namely 4c's, S.R.Foundation Ltd. I consider myself goal oriented and motivated to achieving those goals. It is my passion to undertake challenging task and drive positive result from uncertainties. I hope for the positive results from contingent environment and feel my world optimistically towards the vision of growth. Momentum Promotion & Logistics is an organization dedicated to Design, Develop, Market green products and services. We wish to be export oriented product manufacturer and serve the market with quality & efficiency. It is a sole proprietorship organization dedicated to support my businesses. The organization is responsible for warehousing, transportation, supervision to produce handicrafts, metal works, recycling goods. Also we are dedicated to export those productions to the target markets like USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Middle Eastern countries, Australia, & Malaysia. I have started MOMENTUM PROMOTION & LOGISTICS with a vision to work for better life style & environment in Bangladesh. MPL wish to develop tourism infrastructure, Eco tourism, awareness on environment, mass employment generation using cooperative societies. We provide Marketing assistance, Research assistance, Automated Production integration support, Brand Development Export products and develop for sustainability. Moreover we are the consultant to assist our clients all the support they need for effective communication and market development for higher growth in their respective business. I have worked as CEO of S.R. FOUNDATION LTD from 2008 to 2011 with a good name. Our company is primarily dedicated to architectural design, consultancy, project consultancy and engineering solution in Bangladesh with a good reputation.


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