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I'm an electrical Engineer presently employed in a Telecom industry in UG I have three years of experience in GSM Networks particularly handling Ericsson, Huawei,Motorola Equipment Am always enthused by new Technologies, movies(fiction, adventure) above all am a hobbyist electronics designer. I love sharing knowledge for I know together we can make a difference in this world.
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company: Waridtel (UG)
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country: Uganda
undergraduate: CAM
degree: UACE
year: 2000
graduate: MUK
degree: Bsc. Electrical Eng.
year: 2006

Loan Amortization Calculator for Salary Earners
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/17/2009  | Views: 115

782254b1-cc3a-46f5-85c8-58ae1decf08a.xls Initial Data I Amount Interest rate Term in years: Payments per year: First payment due: PERIODIC PAYMENT... ...  more>>

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Bluetooth Application Developers Guide
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/14/2009  | Views: 2281

1 YEAR UPGRADE BUYER PROTECTION PLAN Bluetooth Application Developer’s Guide: The Short Range Interconnect Solution Everything You Need to... ...  more>>

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IP on Your Power- PLC
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/14/2009  | Views: 71

IP on your Power Effectively Tapping into the last mile of the Access Layer BPLU – Who We Are • • • • Ugandan Company incorporated 2009... ...  more>>

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WLAN IP/TCP and Communication Networks
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/14/2009  | Views: 793

MSc WLAN, IP/TCP and COMM NETWORK Topics By Prof R A Carrasco School of Electrical ,Electronic and Computer Engineering University of Newcastle... ...  more>>

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Wireless Networked Sensors
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/14/2009  | Views: 41

Wireless Networked Sensors Introduction and Applications Mikhail Nesterenko In this presentation I used the material from a presentation by •... ...  more>>

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Towards Global Mobile Broadband
From: mcgerald | Date: 11/14/2009  | Views: 163

A White Paper from the UMTS Forum Towards Global Mobile Broadband Standardising the future of mobile communications with LTE (Long Term... ...  more>>

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