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Checklist_Key Record Keeping
$1.99 From: mauaviles | Date: 7/19/2012  | Views: 148

Good record keeping is essential to efficient business operations. It is also critical for all legal related issues. Setting up a record keeping... ...  more>>

148 views language: English
Checklist_Business Deductions
$1.99 From: mauaviles | Date: 7/19/2012  | Views: 123

These are categories to keep in mind when you begin operating your business. This list is not exclusive, and there are other business expenses that... ...  more>>

123 views language: English
90 views language: English
Organization Wide Goals
$1.99 From: mauaviles | Date: 7/19/2012  | Views: 515

Following are example of wide goals you can set for your organization. This helps to stay focus on a clear mission and a vision for your company. ...  more>>

515 views language: English