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Management Agreement - The Ultimate
$9.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 4/7/2010  | Views: 184

The Ultimate Management Agreement !! Designed for ANY businesses that require operational management definitions of understanding. This agreement... ...  more>>

184 views language: English
3,434 views language: English
Broker Agreement - Fee For Introduction - [The Ultimate]
$5.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 4/6/2010  | Views: 693

The Ultimate "Broker Agreement" Is an Ideal Start Point for: A businessman/woman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission; a stock... ...  more>>

693 views language: English
Due Diligence Questionnaire - [The Ultimate]
$4.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 4/6/2010  | Views: 445

The Ultimate "Due Diligence Questionnaire" is used for a number of concepts involving either the performance of an investigation of a business or... ...  more>>

445 views language: English
756 views language: English
Non Circumvent Agreement
$3.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 4/6/2010  | Views: 320

Non-circumvention Instrument used in early stages of a business transaction arranged by brokers (intermediaries). Its purpose is to ensure that... ...  more>>

320 views language: English
Life Safety Handbook - Business
From: LgVIP | Date: 4/5/2010  | Views: 97

During an emergency situation, it is important that employees are able to think clearly and react in a calm and collective manner. This program was... ...  more>>

97 views language: English
Record of Corrective Action - Employee Conduct
$1.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 3/12/2010  | Views: 293

The Corrective Action Form is designed to identify and correct problems that affect an employee’s work performance and/or the overall performance of... ...  more>>

293 views language: English
Offer Of Employment Letter - Professional
$3.95 From: LgVIP | Date: 3/12/2010  | Views: 580

This is an Offer Of Employment Letter (Template) for exempt level salaried professional employees. A job offer letter is a document that confirms... ...  more>>

580 views language: English