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Married for the last 22 years to the wife of my youth, Barbara. Father of Cedric James, our 21 year old son who's in his fourth year of college. Have lived in Chino Hills since 1992. Pastor of the same church (CentrePoint Christian Fellowship) in chino since June 1994. Beyond my own church, I also supervise 25 other churches in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. On the entrepreneurial side of things I've covered the bases in the financial services industry since 1987. Presently serving in the insurance industry offering life and long term care insurance. However my primary product offering is business legal plans for small business owners.Take a moment to visit my website at CedReynolds.com . For your convenience we offer free information and the ability to purchase our legal products online. Just visit http://www.greatjoboption.com/CedReynolds Please know that I have a three wonderful separate staffs to assist me in the ministries and business I lead and oversee. My hope is to serve you in your area of need. Here's a tip, be sure to remind your clients to update their will after closing on their new home. If they don't have a will, I would be happy to assist them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you pursue your dreams know that you'll have to embrace a new economy Recruiting Part-time recruiters visit http://www.greatjoboption.com/CedReynolds Use your knowledge of your industry and earn a passive residual income (no license required)


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