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Adreana Langston is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Content Writer living in Southern California.
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Hollywood Blackout - People Magazine - March 1996
From: Langstona | Date: 1/7/2012  | Views: 67

A People Magazine Special Report on the exclusion of African-Americans from the U.S. Film Industry. March 18, 1996 more>>

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Long Beach City College Catalog Condensed
From: Langstona | Date: 12/6/2011  | Views: 305


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LBCC 2012 Catalog Extract
From: Langstona | Date: 12/6/2011  | Views: 314

This file contains pages extracted from the Long Beach City College 2012 Catalog. The extracted pages included information on enrollment and fees. ...  more>>

314 views language: English
FAFSA Worksheet 2012-2013
From: Langstona | Date: 12/6/2011  | Views: 446

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the U.S. Department of Education’s financial aid application that is required by virtually... ...  more>>

446 views language: Latin
Debt and Dumb
From: Langstona | Date: 11/14/2011  | Views: 1
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Homeland Security Adding Unneeded Drones - LA Times - Oct 2011.pdf
From: Langstona | Date: 11/13/2011  | Views: 131

Brian Bennett’s10/27/2011 article about Homeland Security being strong armed into buying surveillance drones the department lacks the pilots to fly.  ...  more>>

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BP Wins Approval To Expand Oil Drilling In Gulf Of Mexico After Their GIANT F#$K UP - LA Times - Oct 2011
From: Langstona | Date: 11/13/2011  | Views: 113

I can only think of ONE reason British Petroleum would be able to win approval from the Interior Department for a plan to explore for oil and gas in... ...  more>>

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The Cruelest Show On Earth - Mother Jones - Nov 2011
From: Langstona | Date: 11/13/2011  | Views: 253

How Feld Entertainment's big money intimidated the Department of Agriculture out of doing its job. As a consequence, elephants in the Ringling... ...  more>>

253 views language: English
Smallpox Vaccinne Contract Goes To Billionaire Political Donor - Nov 2011
From: Langstona | Date: 11/13/2011  | Views: 147

It would appear that big donor (for Democrats), billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, was able to influence the Obama Administration into strongarming its... ...  more>>

147 views language: English
Falling Out On The Prayer Room Floor
From: Langstona | Date: 11/5/2011  | Views: 121

This country needs to experience a breakthrough from the system that maintains the income inequality and political influence inequality that... ...  more>>

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Five Wishes | Bring It Up
From: Langstona | Date: 9/28/2011  | Views: 20

This article details some online resources to help people talk with loved ones about advanced healtcare directives. more>>

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4 Good Reasons Not To Read The Bible Literally
From: Langstona | Date: 8/7/2011  | Views: 58

1) Nowhere does the Bible claim to be inerrant. 2) Reading the Bible literally distorts its witness. 3) Most Christians across history have not read... ...  more>>

58 views language: English
From: Langstona | Date: 5/20/2011  | Views: 4

HELP SAVE MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS In March 2011, the Long Beach is participating in Board of Education of the Long ... ...  more>>

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Save LBUSD Middle School Sports Fact Sheet
From: Langstona | Date: 5/18/2011  | Views: 297

Eight sports are offered at each of the Long Beach Unified School District's 26 middle and K-8 schools. The Middle School Sports budget funds... ...  more>>

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