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Presently Chief-of-Party of the Philippine Integrity Project in Manila, Philippines. From 2006 to 2010 was semi-retired in Quito, Ecuador. Performed short term assignments, public speaking, writing, etc. Served as Director of three USAID-financed Anti-Corruption Projects and widely recognized as a premier expert on corruption and accountability in Latin America based on almost 40 years experience since going to Peru with the Alliance for Progress in 1967. For four years was Director of USAID’s Hemisphere-wide Americas’ Accountability/Anti-Corruption Project (AAA Project), then directed similar projects in Mexico and Ecuador. Served four years as Principal Adviser on Accounting and Auditing for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank and held a similar four-year post as Senior Financial Management Adviser for the LAC Region at USAID. Director of International Operations, Americas Region, Price Waterhouse, Chief Auditor of the Organization of American States, Consultant to the Comptrollers General of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and the United States. Practiced as CPA in Atlanta, served as Special Investigator in the Criminal Division of the State Law Department of Georgia investigating corruption in state government. Elected three times to the Georgia State Senate.


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