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Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc.com, the premier online destination to start and grow small businesses. Before starting Docstoc, he was a partner in a venture consulting firm in Los Angeles where he worked with dozens of startups. He holds have a BA from UCSB and his JD/MBA from Pepperdine University, where he was the Student Body President of both Universities.
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graduate: Pepperdine School of Law
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year: 2007

CrunchBoard Bulk Discount Form
From: Jason | Date: 2/15/2009  | Views: 197
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How to Measure Institutions
From: Jason | Date: 9/4/2008  | Views: 191
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Why Venture Capital Will Out Perform PE Over The Next 5 Years
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Iranian Culture
From: Jason | Date: 5/26/2011  | Views: 189

The Iranian Culture Researched by: Catherine L. Lewis Fall 2003 Note: The information presented in this section of the Maine... ...  more>>

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History of the Olympic Games - PowerPoint
From: Jason | Date: 9/4/2008  | Views: 188
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Creating a Marketing Plan - PDF
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How to Create a Marketing Plan Part 1 - Introduction Firms that are successful in marketing invariably start with a marketing plan.... ...  more>>

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How to Court Strategic Partners
From: Jason | Date: 6/24/2011  | Views: 183

Transcribed article based on the video above. The most important thing about courting strategic partners is figuring out who your strategic partners... ...  more>>

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HR Essentials: Payroll & Benefits
From: Jason | Date: 2/27/2013  | Views: 179

For more info on starting a business, check out this free course on How to Start a Business: The Complete Guide. more>>

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