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I teach high school and college level biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Visit my main website at www.aurumscience.com to see my full collection of resources.
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Vitamin C Food Analysis Lab
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/9/2010  | Views: 22

This lab allows students to compare different solutions to compare the relative amounts of Vitamin C in each. This lab also comes from the... ...  more>>

22 views language: English
How Much Vitamin C Is In Fruit Juice
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/9/2010  | Views: 26

This is another Vitamin C lab. I prefer this one over the exploratorium version because the procedures have more of a Chemistry feel that students... ...  more>>

26 views language: English
Nephron Anatomy and Artificial Kidney Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/12/2010  | Views: 2211

A worksheet that does a good job going through the function of the nephron within the kidney. Includes a table that compares concentrations of... ...  more>>

2,211 views language: English
Testing Simulated Urine Samples Lab
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/12/2010  | Views: 701

This is a really great lab not only for exploring some of the pathologies associated with urine, but presenting students with a more "real-world"... ...  more>>

701 views language: English
Reproductive System Review Flashcards
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/12/2010  | Views: 138

Review flashcards to aid in studying for a reproductive system exam. more>>

138 views language: English
National Geographic Inside the Womb Video Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 6/12/2010  | Views: 1463

This is a wonderful movie that covers all of the major stages of embryo development in utero, from conception on through birth. Uses real-time 3D... ...  more>>

1,463 views language: English
Symbiosis Examples
From: jamesdauray | Date: 7/7/2010  | Views: 580

Types of Relationships. • Mutualism is a relationship where both animals benefit from the interaction. • Commensalism is a relationship in which... ...  more>>

580 views language: English
What Type Symbiosis
From: jamesdauray | Date: 7/7/2010  | Views: 542

Parasitism, Mutualism, or Commensalism? Read about each relationship and decide which type of symbiosis is being described: 1.... ...  more>>

542 views language: English
1,694 views language: English
Environmental Science Syllabus - DOC
From: jamesdauray | Date: 11/6/2010  | Views: 592

This is a sample of one of my syllabi for environmental biology, a course I frequently teach at the college of Lake County. The Powerpoints to... ...  more>>

592 views language: English