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I teach high school and college level biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Visit my main website at www.aurumscience.com to see my full collection of resources.
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1,702 views language: English
Environmental Disasters Research Rubric
From: jamesdauray | Date: 5/25/2011  | Views: 1936

Instructions and grading rubric for a research assignment of modern environmental disasters. more>>

1,936 views language: English
3,997 views language: English
BBC Surviving Disaster - Chernobyl Movie
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/21/2011  | Views: 2281

Worksheet to accompany the Chernobyl episode of the BBC series Surviving Disaster. more>>

2,281 views language: English
World Census Worksheet - Comparing Human Population Growth Rates
From: jamesdauray | Date: 11/22/2010  | Views: 2828

This is an internet-based activity for students to learn how to access data from the World Census website, and analyze it using geography and... ...  more>>

2,828 views language: English
Mendelian Genetics Powerpoint Lecture
From: jamesdauray | Date: 3/7/2012  | Views: 1294

A Powerpoint lecture presentation covering different patterns of Mendelian inheritance. more>>

1,294 views language: English
Modern Marvels - Hoover Dam Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/21/2011  | Views: 2366

Worksheet for students to complete as they watch the Hoover Dam episode of Modern Marvels from the History Channel. more>>

2,366 views language: English
The Cell Cycle and Mitosis
From: jamesdauray | Date: 3/5/2012  | Views: 1148

A Powerpoint lecture covering the entire cell cycle, including mitosis, cell growth, and mechanisms of control. more>>

1,148 views language: English
Photosynthesis in Plants Lecture Powerpoint
From: jamesdauray | Date: 3/2/2012  | Views: 1765

Lecture Powerpoint covering the topic of photosynthesis in plants, written for an introduction to biology class. more>>

1,765 views language: English
The Eyes of Nye - Antibiotics
From: jamesdauray | Date: 5/4/2011  | Views: 1598

Worksheet to accompany a viewing of the Eyes of Nye episode on Antibiotics. more>>

1,598 views language: English
Macromolecules and Enzymes Biology Lecture Notes Outline
From: jamesdauray | Date: 11/10/2010  | Views: 860

This is a set of notes outlines to accompany my lecture on Macromolecules and Enzymes. more>>

860 views language: English
PBS Affluenza Video Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 3/4/2010  | Views: 1688

This is a worksheet of discussion questions to accompany the Affluenza PBS documentary. more>>

1,688 views language: English
Chemistry of Life Lecture Notes Outline
From: jamesdauray | Date: 11/10/2010  | Views: 1172

This is a notes outline to accompany my lecture on the Chemistry of Life for an introductory biology class. more>>

1,172 views language: English