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I teach high school and college level biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Visit my website for more resources.
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Exponential Growth and Death of Bacteria Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 10/10/2012  | Views: 1218

A worksheet covering the different phases of bacterial growth, including an opportunity to graph sample data from each phase. more>>

1,218 views language: English
Insect Mouthparts Microscope Lab
From: jamesdauray | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 543

A microscope lab examining the anatomy and function of different types of insect mouthparts. more>>

543 views language: English
Grasshopper Dissection Manual
From: jamesdauray | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 409

A dissection manual for the grasshopper. Includes pictures, instructions, and a checklist of important anatomical features. more>>

409 views language: English
BBC Life in the Undergrowth - Intimate Relations Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 519

Worksheet to accompany the BBC Life in the Undergrowth episode on Intimate Relations. more>>

519 views language: English
Chemical Tests for Sugar, Starch, Lipids, and Proteins Lab
From: jamesdauray | Date: 8/8/2012  | Views: 17548

Set of procedures for an instructional lab on the use of iodine, Benedict's solution, Biuret, and dische diphenylamine to chemically identify the... ...  more>>

17,548 views language: English
Chemistry of Life Lecture Powerpoint
From: jamesdauray | Date: 8/6/2012  | Views: 1813

Chemistry of life Powerpoint lecture, used for an introduction to biology and human anatomy course. more>>

1,813 views language: English
Land Ecosystems and Ecological Succession Notes Outline
From: jamesdauray | Date: 7/16/2012  | Views: 1110

Student notes outline to accompany the land ecosystems lecture. more>>

1,110 views language: English
Superfund Webquest - Researching Toxic Waste Sites
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/27/2012  | Views: 1120

A research-based webquest where students gather information about local Superfund sites from the EPA database. more>>

1,120 views language: English
Range of Tolerance Graphing Activity
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/19/2012  | Views: 1964

A graphing activity using range of tolerance data for steelhead trout in different water temperatures and levels of dissolved oxygen. more>>

1,964 views language: English
Nuclear Energy Powerpoint Lecture
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/18/2012  | Views: 1577

A Powerpoint lecture covering the basics of the nuclear fission chain reaction, nuclear reactor design, the accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile... ...  more>>

1,577 views language: English
Life In the Undergrowth 'Taking to the Air' Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/9/2012  | Views: 525

Worksheet to accompany part 2 of the BBC Life in the Undergrowth series entitled 'Taking to the Air.' more>>

525 views language: English
30 Days - Working in a Coal Mine Worksheet
From: jamesdauray | Date: 4/5/2012  | Views: 722

An environmental science themed worksheet to accompany the 'Working in a Coal Mine' episode of 30 days by Morgan Spurlock. more>>

722 views language: English