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hello. i am salman. or you can call me सलमान if you are not so good at english I love those who love themselves . . . I appreciate those, who has some senses of Attitude. My family was a little disappointed when I was born?they all wanted a baby girl. I can cook pretty well. I can play most games with the same ability. I procrastinate...a lot. I never learnt to ride a bicycle. I almost got run over thrice while trying to save children getting hit by errant drivers. I hate formalities. I hate ungratefulness. I hate disrespect for the environment. I hate any kind of divisions based on state/caste/sex/race/color. I hate the feeling of helplessness. I hate ignorance. I hate peoples who mistrust. I hate peoples, who boast too much. I'm always thinking of ways to improve and solve things. I can get very attached?very easily. I can be very detached if I want to be. I never get through the day without having read something or listened to some music. I analyze EVERYTHING. I dream...a lot. Mostly dreams in whic i die. I get the most fantastic dreams about the most fancy of gadgets. I can't sleep well. I always set my watch 10 min ahead of time. I love rain. I never carry an umbrella/hat/raincoat...I always "want" to get wet in the rain. All my best and closest friends are Special to me I always start reading for eaxms on night before I don't believe in religion. In fact I hate religion. I do believe in God. I love simple, 'non-fancy' food. I was a movie freak I have truly fallen in love twice. I am addicted to tea or coffee. I drink a lot of them.


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