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Breakwater to Sponsor the 2012 Opal Investment Trends Summit in Santa Barbara
From: gurusat | Date: 9/8/2012  | Views: 8

Breakwater Investment Management, LLC will sponsor and present at leading investment symposium. Breakwater is set to offer institutional asset... ...  more>>

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8 views language: English
EV Fest 2012 - More Than 40 Exhibitors - Over Double Than at Previous Events
From: gurusat | Date: 9/8/2012  | Views: 22

EV Fest 2012 announced this year's show date will be scheduled for September 9 at the Pavilions, Evergreen Brick Works, at 550 Bayview Avenue,... ...  more>>

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22 views language: English
Genetic-Based Internet Addiction May Be Countered by Parent and Educator Media Management
From: gurusat | Date: 9/7/2012  | Views: 74

MyDigitalFamily announces several time-saving new features to give educators and parents even more control and convenience in managing online iPad... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
74 views language: English
Tooth Whitening Has Expanded the Palette for Dentists; Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Colour
From: gurusat | Date: 9/7/2012  | Views: 6

Colour is an extremely important factor in dentistry, for both cosmetic dentistry and dental restorations. White teeth look healthy, youthful and... ...  more>>

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Uncovering Hidden Assets in an Arizona Divorce Takes Experience, Says Divorce Attorneys at Family Law Firm Corso & Rhude
From: gurusat | Date: 9/6/2012  | Views: 5

The experienced family law attorneys at Corso & Rhude know that having an attorney well-versed in family law is essential in any Arizona divorce... ...  more>>

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Airway Auto Parts to Re-Open Self-Service Yard October
From: gurusat | Date: 9/6/2012  | Views: 5

Airway Auto Parts and Recycling to re-open an expanded self-service car parts yard October 1st, 2012. more>>

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5 views language: English
NovaStor Offers Server Backup Software for Windows Server 2012
From: gurusat | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 13

NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP products for small to medium-sized businesses are ready to protect critical servers, business applications, and virtual... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
13 views language: English
Heat Press Hotronix� AIR FUSION™ introduced by STAHLS’ International
From: gurusat | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 12

The most technologically advanced air-operated heat press has shortly been introduced in the US for the international market. more>>

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12 views language: English
TEC Interactive and IAH Games Release SEVENCORE Massive Online Game in South East Asia
From: gurusat | Date: 9/5/2012  | Views: 17

TEC Interactive and IAH Games launch SEVENCORE, a free massive online role playing game emphasizing in mounts and pvp combat, with some resource... ...  more>>

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17 views language: simple
Kinship Carers Make Unique Use of Twitter to Raise Awareness
From: gurusat | Date: 8/29/2012  | Views: 6

Kinship Carers; the independent voluntary group that offers knowledge, experience and friendship to kinship carers looking after children from within  ...  more>>

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Intelligent InSites to Share Insights on Creating the Next Generation of Jobs in North Dakota
From: gurusat | Date: 8/29/2012  | Views: 17

Doug Burgum, Chairman of Intelligent InSites, accepts U.S. Senator John Hoeven’s invitation to keynote the State of Technology Conference. more>>

Categories: Technology >
17 views language: English
ReaderDock Targets the Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet
From: gurusat | Date: 8/29/2012  | Views: 27

Google Nexus 7 tablet owners unite to petition for options to dock their android tablets. US based ReaderDock offers a way for users to be heard. ...  more>>

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27 views language: English
Long Labor Day Weekend Can Mean More Arizona DUIs, According to DUI Lawyers Corso & Rhude
From: gurusat | Date: 8/27/2012  | Views: 14

End of Summer Holiday Can Bring DUI Trouble to Many Arizonans. The Arizona DUI attorneys at the Law Office of Corso & Rhude do everything in their... ...  more>>

Categories: Legal >
14 views language: English
Market Research Firm Decipher Announces 16 New Hires
From: gurusat | Date: 8/24/2012  | Views: 4

Leading comprehensive market research services firm’s recent positive growth curve creates new jobs in Fresno, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore more>>

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Family-Friendly Shopping Site Adds New Consultants
From: gurusat | Date: 8/24/2012  | Views: 3

The Eisenbergs are excited to bring their expertise to Lela. Lela helps parents and families find their ideal products by selecting items based on... ...  more>>

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