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Make Your Business Recession Proof
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 99

With the economy so slow, setting up a business now requires far more thought. You need a business that will withstand the pressures of a recession... ...  more>>

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What is a Certificate of Limited Partnership?
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 189

A certificate of limited partnership defines the business relationship and provides proof of the legal business entity. A limited partnership differs  ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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The Top 5 Web-Based Productivity Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 284

Entrepreneurs can use all the help they can get. Since these innovative business owners are often trying to do more than really fits in a day, it can  ...  more>>

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Web Analytics and What They Mean
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 2875

Web analytics are an important part of Internet marketing. By keeping track of your visitors’ behavior, you will be better equipped to adjust your... ...  more>>

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Lower Business Expenses: Keep Rent Costs Down
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 308

Rent is one of the steepest costs of any business or service. Of all the expenses to cut, rent seems to be the most difficult. However, if you know... ...  more>>

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Is Search Engine Marketing Right for My Business?
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 477

Business owners with an online presence may find themselves wondering if they really need SEM, or if they can just get away with optimizing their... ...  more>>

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Is Print Advertising Still Worth It?
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 1933

With internet marketing and social media becoming so popular, the more traditional methods of marketing seem to have fallen by the wayside. Is print... ...  more>>

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Is a Joint Venture Right for Your Business?
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/8/2011  | Views: 275

Joint ventures can be very beneficial for all parties concerned. Is it the right move for your business? A joint venture is a business method whereby  ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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How to Write a Good Business Blog
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 16033

A business blog can help your site in a variety of ways, but most importantly, it helps you establish your business as an expert in your industry.... ...  more>>

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How to Learn from Competition
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 520

Competition may seem like a bad thing, but once you take a closer look, you will see that it is possible to not only appreciate what your competitors  ...  more>>

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How to Grow a Real Estate Brokerage
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 2444

A real estate brokerage can be an excellent business, but if you want to be successful, your business needs to grow. There are many factors in play... ...  more>>

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How to Give Away Products and Increase Sales
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 587

Want to increase sales? Sometimes the best way to gain clients is to show them what you’re capable of . . . by offering something for free. Freebies  ...  more>>

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How to Get More Email Subscribers
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 333

Having a good email list means you can contact potential clients at any point, but the trick is getting people to sign up for your email list. Which... ...  more>>

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How to Establish a CRM System for Your Company
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 235

All businesses depend on clients in order to survive, so it makes sense to have a good CRM system in place for your business. Success comes from your  ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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How to Draft a Consulting Agreement
From: GenesisDavies | Date: 6/7/2011  | Views: 20957

With consulting becoming a booming industry these days, it’s a good idea to have a contract in place to legalize your working relationships. Here’s... ...  more>>

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