Gary Direnfeld
Social Worker
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Gary Direnfeld is a social worker with more than 28 years of experience working with parents, teens and young children. With a private practice located in Dundas, Ontario, he provides counselling, mediation and assessment services on most matters of family life. Courts in Ontario, consider Gary an expert on social work, marital and family therapy, child development, parent-child relations, custody and access recommendations, and an expert at critiquing the assessments of other assessors. He has a weekly parenting column in his city's daily newspaper as well as hosting a reality television show working with newlywed couples. Gary presents himself as an advocate for the well-being of children and to this end he has lectured and given workshops on the impact of domestic violence as well as parental separation and divorce issues on children throughout Canada and into the United States.
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title: Social Worker
industry: Mental Health Care
undergraduate: York University
degree: Spec. Hons BA, Psychology
year: 1982
graduate: University of Toronto
degree: Master of Social Work
year: 1985

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