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Geoffrey H. Garrett purchased assets of the law practice of Stanley R. Byrd in 2008. For more than twenty-seven years previously, he pursued two challenging careers simultaneously, as an attorney in an active sole practice and a senior pilot for a major airline, where he achieved the rank of B-747 captain in the international operation. He was honored as his airline’s 2005 Captain of the Year in Seattle. He has been a frequent speaker on the subject of reorganizing troubled airlines, has written significant papers about airline code sharing and fleet restructuring in bankruptcy, and is the co-author with Stanley R. Byrd of Estate Planning Basics in Washington.
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Arthritis Warning Signs
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 8/8/2012  | Views: 9

As we get older, our bodies tend to develop specific types of medical conditions that are much more common in the elderly than they are in younger... ...  more>>

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9 views language: English
Why Elderly Depression Can Be Hard to Detect
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 8/8/2012  | Views: 12

It's estimated that about 6 1/2 million seniors suffer from clinical depression more>>

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Probate Language Oddities
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 8/8/2012  | Views: 4

Probate Language Oddities To someone looking in on probate law from the outside, it often appears as if... ...  more>>

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Financial Moves For the Terminally Ill
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 7/14/2012  | Views: 8

A recent article in Forbes points out that the terminally ill face several financial and estate planning questions that, though not often spoken... ...  more>>

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Debts After Death: Who Pays?
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 7/14/2012  | Views: 17

Of all the issues that arise after someone dies, it's often the financial ones that pose the most difficulties. more>>

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The Strange Language of Wills – A Quick Guide
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/28/2012  | Views: 15

Most people don't spend their daily lives dealing with the language of the law. Because of this, it's important for anyone creating a Will to take a... ...  more>>

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Probate Courts Handle Numerous Issues
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/28/2012  | Views: 8

A good estate plan is, often, one that will avoid any probate court complications, thus saving your estate time and money more>>

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Medicaid Fraud Accounts for Billions Lost Each Year
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/28/2012  | Views: 2

The costs associated with the growing number of Americans who have fallen into poverty and are relying upon Medicaid for health care insurance are... ...  more>>

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2 views language: English
Probate Court – More than Just Wills
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/20/2012  | Views: 29

For many people, creating an estate plan so that your estate can avoid having to go through probate is one of the main goals of beginning the... ...  more>>

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When Family Heirloom Threaten an Estate – 3 Tips To Avoid Conflicts
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/12/2012  | Views: 11

Some of the most contentious fights between family members after a parent dies are not over the big items or the amount of inheritance more>>

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Estate Planning Guide When Legally Separating
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 6/12/2012  | Views: 12

In some situations, a married couple may decide to separate legally, instead of divorcing. While a legal separation contains very similar provisions... ...  more>>

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Obesity Rise Having Effect on Medicaid Costs
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 5/23/2012  | Views: 24

As Americans continue to eat more, exercise less, and gain more weight, the rise in obesity is having a widespread effect on everything from gas... ...  more>>

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Can I Challenge a Will? 3 Questions
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 5/16/2012  | Views: 3

Not just anyone may challenge the validity of a Will. Though state laws differ slightly, all require that you be related to the Will in some manner ...  more>>

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Considering Digital Tombstones
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 5/12/2012  | Views: 20

As part of your legacy planning efforts, you may wish to consider digital tombstones. What are digital tombstones? Essentially more>>

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When To Make An Estate Planning Change – 3 Key Moments
From: GarrettLawWA | Date: 5/4/2012  | Views: 16

Anyone who welcomes a new child should always update his or her estate plan as soon as possible more>>

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