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My peers consider me an influential advocate and opinion molder in matters involving minorities and public contracting. I earn my living by serving as the President of FitNet, and CEO for the Fairness in Procurement Alliance (FPA,) a national coalition representing the procurement priorities of small and disadvantaged businesses. My passion, however, is to serve as the Managing Partner for The Umbrella Initiative whose mission is "to double the number of small and minority businesses contracting with the government by the year 2020." My peers have recognized my contributions by selecting me, on Diversity Business Magazine, as "One of the Nation's Top Diversity Champions for 2012' for my work in founding FPA, establishing an academic Think Tank, creating The Umbrella Initiative and convincing the US Office of Advocacy to eliminate the FAR Exemptions, a move which will free up between $20 and $64 Billions in contracts for the small business statutory reservation. The small business community in Jacksonville has recognized me as one of its ‘50 most influential leaders’ (Advantage Magazine) and as its ‘Minority Champion.’ (Jacksonville Business Journal). I have also earned the distinction of been selected, by my peers, as ‘One of the South’s Top 300 Small Business Leaders (Business Leader) and as one of the nation’s “100 Powerful CEO’s (MEA Magazine.) The Umbrella Initiative; the Contracting Abuse Resolution Board (CARB) and Free Universal Access (FUA), have been small business initiatives which I have helped create. I serve on the Board of the National Federal Contractor Association (NaFCA) and am an Adviser on procurement matters - to the Minority Business Round Table (; the Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition (; and MBELDEF ( My entrepreneurial passion, described by Dr. Peter Druker, as monomaniacal, was influenced by my personal relationships with both my past employers and my mentors which included a Rockefeller (David) and three U.S. Presidents. My educational degrees come from Texas Christian University, The University of Texas and NYU Management Institute. I have traveled extensively throughout the world and have maintained loyal relationships with my schoolmates going back to high school. I have started several small business ventures and have invented and brought to market numerous innovative products and concepts. Competitive sports have played an important role in shaping my 'team approach' to solving conflicts. I still continue to play competitively, but this time is softball and tennis. The documents I am herewith sharing in this venue are valuable advocacy instruments. Some are White Papers - with legal references - citing the statutes of public laws. Others are OP-EDs and viewpoints to help bring change and affect public policies. Feel free to view and to share these documents with your colleagues. It's one way in which I can contribute to you and to others and make a difference.


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