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Erin Morioka is a member of the Docstoc original article team. Her areas of expertise are in non-profit and education. She is a graduate of Brown University with a major in International Relations.
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Using Facebook Connect for Your Business
From: emorioka | Date: 8/2/2011  | Views: 29681

Facebook Connect uses social media to inform customers about your business and interact with other customers. Learn how to use it to improve... ...  more>>

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Buying an Existing Business Vs. Starting Your Own
From: emorioka | Date: 8/2/2011  | Views: 2770

Deciding whether or not to buy an existing business or start your own comes down to three things: what experience you have, what kind of business you  ...  more>>

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Performance Reviews Lead to Quality Work
From: emorioka | Date: 8/1/2011  | Views: 2768

As a manager, providing regular feedback is key to keeping good employees on track and correcting ones that may be performing below expectations. If  ...  more>>

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6 Ways to Save Money Using Renewable Energy Technology
From: emorioka | Date: 7/29/2011  | Views: 3482

The cost of energy is a burden for many small business owners. Luckily, there is renewable energy technology available that can both reduce energy... ...  more>>

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Preparing for an Acquisition: Learning from Google and PittPatt
From: emorioka | Date: 7/28/2011  | Views: 786

On July 22nd, Google acquired PittPatt, a small company that specializes in facial recognition technology. Although the terms of the business deal... ...  more>>

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Raising Venture Capital: Learning from Airbnb
From: emorioka | Date: 7/27/2011  | Views: 2030

Recently internet start-up Airbnb announced that it has raised $112 Million from Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global, and General Catalyst for its global  ...  more>>

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What Regulation Q's Repeal Means for Your Business
From: emorioka | Date: 7/27/2011  | Views: 9183

The government recently repealed Regulation Q, set to go in effect July 21, 2011. This means that small business owners will be able to earn... ...  more>>

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The Financial Benefits of Diversity
From: emorioka | Date: 7/26/2011  | Views: 798

 ...  more>>

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Marketing Your Consulting Services to Corporate Clients
From: emorioka | Date: 7/22/2011  | Views: 9737

The consulting profession is more difficult than other professions because you have to be vigilant about marketing in order to have steady work. If... ...  more>>

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What Has Obama Done to Help Small Business?
From: emorioka | Date: 7/21/2011  | Views: 267

With the next presidential election coming up, as a small business owner you may be thinking about which candidate has your best interest in mind. ... ...  more>>

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Blueprint for Sponsoring a Charity Event
From: emorioka | Date: 7/20/2011  | Views: 2424

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not exclusively a large company attribute—small businesses can take advantage of CSR benefits such as... ...  more>>

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When Should You Sign an Exclusive Distribution Agreement?
From: emorioka | Date: 7/19/2011  | Views: 758

Here are a few quick tips about when to sign an exclusive distribution agreement for your product. 1. When they are offering you top dollar Is ‘a... ...  more>>

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Extending Credit to Other Businesses
From: emorioka | Date: 7/19/2011  | Views: 330

Considering extending credit to another business? Learn how to protect yourself and abide by the government laws regarding extension of credit and... ...  more>>

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The Basics of Advertising on Google Adwords
From: emorioka | Date: 7/18/2011  | Views: 10162

If you are operating a new business looking to create a customer base, or an existing business that needs more publicity, consider using Google... ...  more>>

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Leadership Strategies for Women
From: emorioka | Date: 7/18/2011  | Views: 6131

Women leaders are increasing in number in both business and politics—Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkal—but women in leadership positions... ...  more>>

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